My Favorites


Essential Rewards are truly an *amazing* value, but with so many products available, it can be intimidating. After you purchase the starter kit, here are some great next steps!  



  • Owie, Sleepyize, SniffleEase, TummyGize, and GeneYus (for focus).
  • Formulated with kiddos in mind, but sometimes I steal them for myself because they’re amazing!
  • Why you need it: I love responding to all of life’s crazy moments with all-natural products instead of dousing my kiddos in chemicals!


  • Sweet, calming smell

  • Supports woman's health and normal hormone levels, as well as healthy skin.

  • Why you need it: Because using drugs and nasty chemicals to balance hormones is no fun!


  • I love the powerful, clean, smell that lingers on my hands!
  • Cleans + supports immune system.
  • Why you need it: Plant based, non-drying, no checicals, yummy smell? Yeah, I need one next to every sink in my house!


  • I only learned recently how regular detergents leave chemical residue on our clothes (and skin). No thank you!
  • This ultra-concentrated essential oil-infused cleaner let’s you ditch and switch from synthetic cleaners.
  • Why you need it: Plant-based, yummy smell, no chemical residue, CLEAN clothes!


  • Deep, earthy aroma
  • Sleep support oil, promotes positive dreams
  • Why you need it: Diffuse it by your bed and sleep like a baby? Yes, please.


  • Clean up *all the things* with this one magic bottle!
  • I literally threw away a whole box of household cleaners and replaced them with this hero.
  • Why you need it: Smells great (UM, like thieves!), and leaves immune boosting plant power on your countertops instead of toxic chemicals!


  • Smells like magic and wonder. Seriously.
  • Emotional support oil, promoting feelings of confidence
  • Why you need it: This oil is seriously a game changer. I put it on all the time; smelling it takes me right to my happy place!


  • Bright, floral aroma
  • Promotes bliss, romance, warmth, and togetherness
  • Why you need it: This happy little bottle is a great pick-me-up!


  • Yummy, mellow aroma
  • Emotional support oil, aids relaxation and chill vibes.
  • Why you need it: Because life is cray. P+C is an oasis in a bottle.

Breathe Again roll on

  • Roll across the sinuses, under the nose, and on the chest
  • A perfect on-the-go oil!
  • Why you need it: It awakens and invigorates your senses. Who doesn't want that?