If I buy a starter kit, do I have to sell oils?

No! As a wholesale member, you will never ever be pressured to sell or share about your oils. You can simply enjoy our oily community--facebook group, classes etc., and get your wholesale discount on all Young Living products.

However, if you ARE ever interested in starting your own business to sell Young Living products, our team will set you up for success with plenty of resources! We run a free, 3-week mentorship class every month so you can learn all about the business side, and decide if you'd like to join the team! 

Are there any costs or renewal fees to be a wholesale member?

The Young Living wholesale membership is included FREE with the purchase of a premium starter kit. Once you are a wholesale member, you receive 24% off all purchases of Young Living products! There is no monthly fee to maintain membership, and no renewal fee. The only condition of maintaining membership is that you order at least 50pv (approx $50) of product per year, otherwise your membership would go on hold due to inactivity, and you would have to contact Young Living to reinstate it (but there would still be no renewal fee).

What's the difference between doTerra and Young Living?

Both companies make very high quality essential oils. Young Living however, has been in business longer (YL founded in 1993, and DoTerra in 2008), which not only means that Young Living has a better established track record of quality, but they also offer a much broader range of products. Additionally, only Young Living is committed to quality and control from "seed to seal." For a great article comparing the two companies, check out this comparison. 

What's the deal with rollers?

Rollers are a great way to apply oils topically. Don't be intimidated, it's fun and easy to make your own rollers of all your favorite oil blends!

How and why do you use a diffuser?

Diffusers are a super easy way to use oils aromatically for therapeutic use, and to make your house smell great!

What's so great about the Starter Kit?

Everything! You get all your basic needs met. But I break it all down for you on the starter kit page.

I hear a lot about "Thieves." What is it and how do I use it?

Thieves is one of the most popular blends for a reason; it has so many uses! Not only is it an oil, but it comes as a house cleaner, toothpaste, soap, etc. You'll fall in love at first sniff and rid your house of the other toxic cleaners you were using. Win, win. 

How long does a starter kit last?

If you use your oils consistently, the kit will probably last around 6 months. This also depends on whether you dilute the oils or use them right out of the bottle. Additionally, your favorite oils will probably get used up faster than others! However, the more you experiment with different oils, the more you will find uses for every one of them.